crazy squeeze

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After a year that hasn´t been poor of highlights for Wanda Records already (think of DIME RUNNER´s "Recharged Rejects" 7" or the BARETTA LOVE "Minimal Play" LP for example) it seems like label chief Monsieur Monster has decided to let the real cracker burst within´ year´s passing as this full-length coming from L.A.´s most notorious Ruck´n´Roll rakes may not only be noted as the label´s highlight so far but also as the definite imperative Must-Have for 2012.
Already having guaranteed ultimate amusement for adults who refuse to grow up and despise everyone who does with their "Gimme A Kiss" Debut 7" on No Front Teeth, they easily manage to continue on their way and even top this first assault. By doing so they even are going so far that only to speak of a high amount of future instant classics could be seen and punished as an insult.
With every single song the CRAZY SQUEEZE are soaking up the primordial matter of everything Punk and Rock´N´Roll like a bar towel at the counter of a highly frequented blackout boozer and by doing so totally make you forget about all those finicky eaters and their bands having abused and stultified this matter in the past years. 
Remember, if the CRAZY SQUEEZE are on the run you should better not be trying to stop them because they know what they are talking and singing about, they have gone and lived through it, they are knowing about the roots of their music and having this rare unbeatable talent to work this out completely rounded.
Whether it may be british Pubrock heroes like DR. FEELGOOD, EDDIE & THE HOTRODS, COUNT BISHOPS or the HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS, bands having paved the way for their latter safety-pinned Punkrock follow-ups via the Hope & Anchor or The Nashville, or Glamrock greats like THE SWEET, SLADE and even less known personifications of these days like HECTOR, THE JOOK or the SOHO JETS, they all find their into the CRAZY SQUEEZE brewery where the ale is perfected with a dip of ROLLING STONES, THE WHO and SMALL FACES.
Having mentioned all those names and influences it´s only justified to say that the CRAZY SQUEEZE would have made the perfect Chiswick or Decca Records band back in those days, side by side with the early COCK SPARRER, united in drunken rowdiness on tunes like "Platinum Blonde", "Sister Suzie" and "Teenage Heart".
It´s no question that, coming from the other side of the atlantic, they are also picking up with the sound of the NEW YORK DOLLS plus adding a special focus on Johnny Thunder´s ongoing work, both with the HEARTBREAKERS and solo, making headlines at about the same time as above mentioned british colleagues. 
Briefly speaking the CRAZY SQUEEZE can be summarized with the formula "Glorious Pub Junk Glam`n`Roll" providing you a rare and special kind of bliss only comparable to being laid to rest in the cuddly womb of wet five dollar whore. Chaotically genius like Brian Jones, hardened by life like Keith Richards and unbeatable like a one armed bandit at a Las Vegas hot-sheet hotel.


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