Beat Boys In The Jet Age LP


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he Lambrettas came into being in the late 70s. Doug Sanders and Jez Bird were playing in a band called Shakedown (who are still going strong today). They were looking for direction in keeping with their musical tastes, so split from Shakedown to start something new.


Both could sing and play guitar and set about writing. They were soon joined by like minded drummer Paul Wincer and bassist Mark Ellis. Doug says: “There were only a few Mods locally in Brighton and Hastings and we had no idea there would be a revival on the scale that it grew into. That’s when we decided to call the band The Lambrettas to make it as obvious as possible, so that people would know what we were about.” They suffered some criticism later on for their name but these were early days. They always maintained (and still do), that a band should be judged on their music first and foremost.They soon realised there were other bands around like their neighbours The Teenbeats from Hastings, who are also still around and played with the Lambrettas at the 100 Club in London in 2009, as they did in 1979 at London’s Dublin Castle.


Their first gig was on Hastings Pier with 4 other bands, and promoter Peter Haines offered them management. After a few months of gigs they were signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records and released their first single Go Steady. This got them some airplay and soon they were gigging more regularly. The mod revival had now grown, and clothes that they used to fight for in the charity shops were now on sale in the High Street. Their second single was Poison Ivy, the song they are most remembered for, as it spent a long time in the charts. Soon after, their album Beat Boys in the Jet Age was released and also spent several months in the charts.

2007 Doug and Jez met up and discussed getting back together, but sadly soon after Jez became ill and lost a battle against cancer.
2009 saw the anniversary of Quadrophenia, and legendary mod Dave Wyburn asked Doug and Paul if the band would get together to do a short set at a Modrophenia event in Brighton. They initially thought it might be a bit weird without Jez, but were persuaded to give it a go.
Doug and Paul are now joined by two well suited and talented new generation players -
Chris Venzi-James on bass and Phil Edwards on guitar. Mark Ellis lives in California, but is still in regular contact with the others. “We asked Mark to join us” says Paul, “but geography made it impossible.”


After the Brighton gig and it was clear that they were back together permanently. The phone started ringing, and they are now playing gigs up and down the UK and Ireland. The current set includes songs from the Beat Boys album, singles and a couple of homages. They are also writing and have started recording a new EP, which will be released later in the year. The music is as energetic and fresh as if they’ve never been gone.

As The Lambrettas story unfolds, gigs and all other news and info can be found on their website and facebook page at

Doug says “I understand that people see change in different ways, but with ongoing circumstances and the passage of time, it’s inevitable. As founder member (with Paul), and having been around since Day One, I’m reasonably qualified, and know everything that’s happened over the years regards people and situations in the band. The new guys – Phil and Chris, as well as bringing the average age down, are great players and performers, and nice guys. After a year or so back together, the band (in my opinion) is getting better and sounding tighter live, and we’ll have some new songs out later this year. “
“Certainly Paul or I wouldn’t want to be part of anything half-hearted, but as with all things, it’s a matter of opinion, and I hope people will come to gigs with an open mind and I hope they’ll find everything expected will be delivered and more.”